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Do you like graffiti?

This year Eurasian Urooncology Congress is in Athens! Plato had lived here, Socrates had lived here and so did others… For many people, this city which dominated the world and history, means Parthenon or Erektheinon in Acropolis…However, as you enter the city there is something much different surrounding you, graffities, so cozy, making us feel the things we experience to the end… Hoping to meet in the city of graffities…

Many hands make for light work!

Following the last year’s successful meeting executed in cooperation with Georgian Urology Association in Tbilisi, this year Eurasian Urooncology Congress is in Athens to be held in conjunction with Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) and The World Urological Oncology Federation (WUOF)…Main partner of our congress is Hellenic Urological Association (HUA) and the local committee chair is Prof. Gerasimos Alivizatos. And as usual the congress is to be realized together with Turkish Society of Medical Oncology

Great minds come together!

Let us give some clues; Speakers in the joint session of EUA19-WOUF are as follows: Lourence Klotz, Christopher P. Evans, Peter Black, Nathan Lawrentschuk, Tarık Esen, Özdal Dillioğlugil. During B2B session cutting edge research in bladder cancer will be discussed within moderation of Peter Black, Christopher P. Evans will give a keynote lecture about advance prostate cancer and Lourence Klotz, Nathan Lawrentschuk, Tarık Esen, Hale Çağlar, Meltem Çağlar, Jean de la Rosette and Pilar Laguna are some of the names already have been identified for the perspectives session. This is for sure that as always Jean de la Rosette and Pilar Laguna will join us.

Unique scientific program!

As it was last year, a unique multi-modular congress program has been created, consisting of Aegean Friends, Perspectives, B2B, Disasters of Masters and Young Uro-oncologists sections which we think will very well be attracted by the participants. This year instead of “As-Live session”, the Congress will feature live surgery sessions with SIU in the plenary. The surgeries will be held in Istanbul and will be broadcasted live in Istanbul to Athens.

Education and Training

The Congress’ education and training module will include theoretical information delivered by well-renowned experts, providing insights into the clinical skills required; as well as a practical component which includes dry lab training sessions and live surgeries. For sure, Young Uro-oncologists group and the Uro-Technology Training (UTT) workshops actively will take part during Congress and the last but not least live surgery will display from Istanbul.

Aegean Friends

Who knows when the people of ancient world named this blue Archipelagos. When they called Agean sea of the seas, masters of the seas? Since that time onwards, each community, each city in Agean where the richest culture, thought and traditions evolved side by side on its coast for centruies and reached today from the ancient times had brought life to humanity’s tree of knowledge. There is no doubt that science of medicine had grown its roots on this coast and established its traditions.

Our belief that our great meeting that will take place under the shadow of this magnificient heritage will grow our friendship more in beatiful evenings of Agean full of olive and thyme scents increases our excitement.

Societies of the region

Effects of the recent advancements to a specific region. Comparing the clinical governance, knowledge, attitudes and practices in Balkans, Caucasia, Middle East and Asia.

Türkiye İlaç ve Tıbbi Cihaz Kurumu Duyurusu

Avrasya Üroonkoloji Derneği tarafından 16-18 Ekim 2019 tarihleri arasında Yunanistan’ın Atina şehrinde  “ 9. Avrasya Üroonkoloji Kongresi” düzenlenecektir.

Söz konusu toplantı; 03/07/2015 tarihli ve 29405 sayılı Resmî Gazete’de yayımlanan Beşeri Tıbbi Ürünlerin Tanıtım Faaliyetleri Hakkında Yönetmeliğin 7 nci maddesinin ikinci fıkrasının (b) bendinde tanımlanan “Bakanlık tarafından düzenlenen veya desteklenen bilimsel toplantılarda, bu toplantılara iştirak eden katılımcılar bu fıkranın (a) bendindeki katılım sayısı sınırlamasından muaftır.” hükmü gereğince Bakanlık tarafından düzenlenen veya desteklenen bilimsel toplantı kapsamında değerlendirilmiştir.

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Distinguished Colleagues,

We will hold the ninth Eurasian Urooncology Congress, which has an increase in its number of participants and academic quality every year, in Athens / Greece together with the 39th SIU (Société Internationale d’Urologie) Congress. Within this congress, there will be also one-day symposium program of the World Urological Oncology Federation. Thus, the congress participants will have the opportunity to experience and benefit from three international scientific festivals together.

Taking this opportunity, we invite all our colleagues, who work and are interested in the field urooncology, want to take part in national-international meetings and want to participate in multi-center collaborations, to join our Eurasian Urooncology Society.

As it has been always been up to now, this year as well, our colleagues: Turkish and foreign speakers, panelists, chairpersons who are experts in their fields  will be with us. Dr. Laurence Klotz, Dr. Peter Black, Dr. Christopher P. Evans, Dr. Nathan Lawrentschuk, Dr. Ioannis Varvarakis, Dr. Konstantinos Stravomidos, Dr. Jean de La Rosette and Dr. Pilar Laguna are among the invited speakers of our congress. Also this year, Turkish Medical Oncology Association and the Hellenic Urological Association will be the stakeholders of the 9th Eurasian Urooncology Congress with their academic participation and contributions. With the hope of meeting you all on 16-20 October 2019 in Athens on the occasion of our congress of which its only aim is to convey the innovations in the field of urooncology to the participants and to bring together our domestic and foreign colleagues working in the field of urooncology, I wish you health and all the best.

Prof. Dr. M. Ihsan Karaman
Congress President

General Information

Congress Name

9th Eurasian Uro-oncology Congress


October 16th – 20th, 2019

Congress Language

Turkish-English (Simultaneous translation will be available)


The Athenaeum InterContinental – Athens – Greece


Certificate of participation will be given to participants on October 18, 2019 through registration desks at congress center.


The name badges must be worn at all times to access the sessions, social events. The participant, who have pre-registered, will be able to get their prepared badges and other documents during pre-registration without waiting. After completing the registration process, participants can take their badges..


At the request of the participants, the official invitation letter will be sent by the Organizing Committee of the Congress.